Choosing Lisa Rubenstein as a Family Court Judge is the smart choice to protect children and families in Dutchess County.

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Dutchess County Family Court Judges decide some of the hardest and most emotionally taxing cases. Every day the Judges have a impact on the lives of dozens of children, hundreds if not thousands of children a year. An increasing number of cases involve domestic violence. Lisa Rubenstein can be counted on to fairly consider all sides of the case and to balance the best interests of the child with the rights of each parent.

It is not about winning or losing in Family Court…it is about solving problems and creating solutions that protect children, work for families and ensure justice for victims of domestic violence.

Lisa Rubenstein has experience representing mothers and fathers. She has given children a voice in Court as an attorney representing children. For eight years, she applied her problem-solving approach to cases as a law clerk for retiring Judge Valentino T. Sammarco and she settled the vast majority of these cases. As Court Attorney Referee in Supreme Court, she now assists lawyers and their clients in resolving the complex financial problems that occur when parties are divorcing.

Lisa Rubenstein will take the experience she has gained on both sides of the bench and as a Family Court Judge she will apply it to each case. She will problem-solve with the attorneys and their clients with the primary goal in mind – protection of children and fairness to all parties involved.